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Getting Started

CommUNITY Fundraising is the perfect chance for you to share your creativity and passion for a cause that is deeply personal to you -  a world free of melanoma


As part of the MRF's CommUNITY Fundraising team, YOU have the creative control to bring your fundraiser to life. We are here to help every step of the way - release your passion and start fundraising today!

Set A Fundraising Goal

When setting your fundraising goal, keep in mind that it should be realistic and attainable for you and your attendees. Try not to discourage your donors by setting a goal that is out of reach. 


If you are not sure about a realistic fundraising goal please let us know. We are happy to share our experiences with you.

Set A Date & Location

Choosing the right event is key to fundraising success. Make sure to choose dates far enough in advance to give yourself time to prepare. The most popular time for events is early spring through fall. Don't forget to check your community calendars for conflicting local events and be mindful of holidays. 


When considering a location it's important to choose a venue that will be easy to get to and accessible for all participants. Don't forget to ask if they will offer the venue at a discounted price or at a non-profit rate.

Create A Timeline & Budget

Most peer-to-peer campaigns last for at least a few months but create a timeline that works for your community, goals, and event. Allow enough time to complete your goals well in advance of your event. It's better to finish your to-do items earlier rather than later.


Setting your budget is one of the most important parts of planning your event. You are responsible for the cost of the event. Plan to not spend more than you can cover upfront. You can reimburse yourself for any upfront costs prior to sending the proceeds to the MRF.

Check out timeline & budget templates here.

Create Your Event Page

Use our online fundraising platform to make your personalized fundraising page. Use the easy to follow steps on our "Online Fundraising" page to get started.

Fundraising Tips 

Make fundraising magic happen with our list of fundraising tips.

Get Educated

Become a Certified Melanoma Educator and share your passion for education and awareness onto your attendees and community. Get certified here.