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JustGiving is a secure online fundraising platform where you can create and personalize your page to start collecting donations online.


This platform empowers people like YOU to raise funds for a cause they are most about

Create Your Fundraising Page

Start fundraising by choosing a page template below and following these simple steps:


  1. Click the "Start Fundraising" button to create your fundraising page

  2. Create an account, enter your fundraising goal and event name and click "Create Fundraising Page"

  3. Add a compelling story that includes your personal connection and why putting an end to melanoma is so important to you 

  4. Add a few pictures

  5. Share your page on Facebook, Twitter or email

  6. Track your donations through your personal dashboard

  7. Smile, you are on your way to doing something great!


Fundraising templates!

Are you planning your own event or just looking to fundraise online?

Are you an athlete looking to raise funds for an existing athletic event?


Are you looking to raise funds for CURE OM, the MRF's ocular melanoma program?

Are you looking to raise funds in loving memory of someone who has passed away from melanoma?

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