Ripple Impact Event Ideas

Looking to raise funds while causing a ripple impact in your community? Check out these great ways to help reach your goal while providing a positive effect on your community.

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Mark the SPOT!


Mark the SPOT! is an awareness program for the stylist community. Hair stylists and salon professionals are uniquely positioned to notice suspicious spots during the routine washing, cutting and styling process, and this program helps to build the confidence to mention these to their clients. 

Click here to learn more and participate in Mark the SPOT!



Community Yard Sale

Looking to part with items that may be taking up space in your home? Host a yard sale! Now's your chance to find a new owner for your gently used items while getting the word out about melanoma awareness and why you care so much about finding a cure.


Increase your impact: ask your friends to help and collect any items that they are comfortable parting with to raise funds towards research grants, advocacy, and education.


Make the yard sale a super event and sell coffee, donuts, and lunch items off the grill. 



Cause Marketing Partners 

Are you looking for a new way to give back to the MRF? Take a look at some of the organizations the MRF works with for new ways to give back to the melanoma community.

Chores for Charity
Community Car Wash

Your community is full of people who need services done. Whether it's yard work, house painting or moving help and garage organizing, this is where your cause comes into play.


Choose the service(s) you would like to provide, recruit your friends, family and colleagues, then advertise your chores for a cause to support your community and a cause that is deeply important to you. 



A car wash is a proven moneymaker in virtually every community. All you need are willing volunteers, a high-traffic location with good visibility, social media marketing and some attention-getting signs. 


The success of your car wash will depend on the weather. If you can wash 12 cars an hour (one every 10 minutes in two lines), you can easily raise $600- $1000 in one day.

Looking to speed past your goal? Up-sell to include additional services or partner with your local pizza shop and sell  2-for-1 pizza savings card or boxes of donuts.

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