Fundraising Tips 

Below are a few fundraising tips and tricks the MRF has picked up along the way. 

Start now - the earlier you begin your fundraising the more successful you'll be in reaching your goal.

Contribute to your own page - Start your fundraising off right by making your own gift. This will reconfirm to your friends, family and colleagues that you are seriously doing this and support your own cause.

Keep you supporters updated - Ignite the passion of your supporters by sharing your story through words, video and photos. Keep your donors up-to-date on your progress towards your goal. Your network is now invested.

Double your donations with corporate and individual matches - Does your company match gifts from you and your coworkers? Ask your friends and family if their company offers to match contributions to non-profits. Corporate matches can take some time to process so encourage your donors to check with their company early on.

Do you have a friends and family members who share in your passion? Ask them to match gifts made during a  specific day, week or a percentage of your overall fundraising goal.

You don't know unless you ask - It's okay, a lot of people have a hard time asking for support. But you will be surprised to find that people will be honored to be included in your fundraiser. Lots of times people plan on donating, but simply forget due to your fundraising email getting buried in their inbox. Follow up and encourage them to donate early. Just remember, when you ask someone to make a gift to your campaign, you are giving them an opportunity to do something for a good cause - a life-saving cause.

Be transparent -  If you are donating a percentage of sales to the MRF, please make sure your participants know your intentions. The MRF asks that you disclose to your sponsors and donors the amount in which their participation will impact the MRF, i.e. $10/ticket or 20% of restaurant sales.

Thank your donors - Your supporters should be thanked early and often. Take a moment to make a personal phone call, send a note, email or social media shutout to thank them as soon as you receive a donation.  It's important for your supporters to know that their generosity is making a positive impact.

Keep your cost down - Ask companies to donate, food, gift cards, event space, marketing etc. in exchange for being listed as an event sponsor. It's a great way to show the community that their local business stands behind what matters to it's residents. 

Don't reinvent the wheel - Stick to what you know and host an event within your comfort zone and time restraints.

Check your community calendar - Before choosing your event date be sure to check your community calendar to ensure that you won't be competing with other events, graduations or holidays. If your date is open take this opportunity to list your event on the community calendar. 

Provide Free Skin Screenings at your event - Take your dedication to prevention and awareness on step further at your event by partnering with a local dermatologist to provide FREE skin checks at your event. 

Having trouble finding a dermatologist in your area? Try searching with the American Academy of Dermatology's (AAD) online search tool here.